Our solutions shape the future of automotive lighting

Innovation and user orientation – more than a trend 

Mobility is currently experiencing a disruptive change. More than a century ago it was the invention of the automobile that brought new levels of independence. Today, the demands on travel and conveyance are quite different. User experiences, new mobility concepts, digitalization and electrification are changing our understanding of mobility and therefore shaping its future. Vehicles are evolving from a simple means of transport to self-driving data centers. Independence, luxury and design are being redefined.

These trends require, above all, innovation and new perspectives. Mobility will have to align with user needs and preferences in order to optimize the user experience and provide features for well-being and individualization, as well as for enhanced functionality and safety.

ams OSRAM Automotive Lighting Systems is responding to these developments with powerful lighting solutions engineered to create an ideal user experience in a component that allows more design freedom and delivers enhanced services and driver assistance systems. We leverage the system architecture and complexity in new ways to create intelligent and connected lighting solutions.   

Dedicated to projection solutions

The advantages of light projections for emotional staging are already used widely in everyday life, for example to illuminate building facades for events. It is not only because of these emotional aspects that light projections are increasingly finding their way into the automotive sector.

With the development towards autonomous driving, light will not only be needed for better sight, but play a key role for the communication of a car to its environment (car2x) and contribute to the acceptance of autonomous vehicles.

The evolution of light

From mechanical functions to digital and connected intelligence

Until recently, vehicle lighting primarily served to improve the driver's visibility and was operated manually. Today, digital and connected systems offer automatic adjustment and intelligent functions. Halogen and xenon lamps have been replaced by LED lighting and intelligent lighting systems connected to on-board sensors and external data sources offer new possibilities for interior and exterior lighting.

Software algorithms enable automatic glare-free high beams, for example. Projection systems contribute to greater safety and in the future will support autonomous vehicles in communicating with other road users. Interior lighting provides well-being, entertainment for passengers and the feeling of being in a "living room on wheels".

With our intelligent lighting solutions, we want to shape the future of automotive lighting: