Digital Projections

Digital Projections for maximum customization

The new digital projection systems from ams OSRAM Automotive Lighting Systems (AMLS) offer a wide range of vehicle design options and numerous possibilities for interior and exterior customization.

With its digital projection systems, ams OSRAM AMLS transforms the vehicle into a "living room on wheels" and its surroundings into an interactive canvas for functional and impressive light scenarios. In doing so, AMLS creates the basis for completely new and unique vehicle designs and offers a wide range of possibilities for displaying individual content - from static motifs and patterns to dynamic videos, both inside and outside the vehicle.

Technology and areas of application

The modular projection solutions consist of an efficient optical system with powerful LEDs, the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) and the electronics, including the hardware and software for controlling the system. Thanks to their compact design, the DMD modules can be installed with a high degree of flexibility in or on the vehicle to display projections on a wide range of internal and external surfaces.

The modules achieve their full potential inside the passenger cell thanks to their small size and great versatility. For example, they enable the welcome scenario that is projected in front of the driver and passenger doors to be extended to the dashboard. Installed in the rear of the vehicle, the DMD projectors can also display full-size images, graphics and videos on the headlining, thereby enhancing the interior effect, creating a more pleasant atmosphere and adding entertainment options for the rear passengers. In addition, the technology can be used to project warning symbols next to and inside the vehicle, thereby contributing to greater security.

Technical Details

  • Digital projection module with DMD technology, integrated electronics and video signal processing (e.g. via on-board memory)
  • DMD chip in different performance levels:
    • 0.2 inch DMD (Texas Instruments DLP® 2021) with 588 x 330 pixels
    • 0.3 inch DMD (Texas Instruments DLP® 3031) with 854 x 480 pixels
  • Optical output: 25-200 lm (e.g. 150 lm for headliner projection application)
  • High-frequency modulation of the mirrors for smooth reproduction of images and video sequences
  • LIN bus available up to Ethernet communication
  • LED driver for controlling white or RGB LEDs
  • Video content from internal memory (data update possible) or live streaming option
  • Depending on the application, the best compromise between dynamics and system costs

“With our digital projection solutions, we are serving the growing demand for personalization and user experience in all regions by enabling new design possibilities for a fascinating and high-quality driving experience. With digital projections, any vehicle can be staged in a much more impressive way.”

Dr. Dirk Linzmeier, CEO of ams OSRAM AMLS

“The technology behind our digital projection systems is really fascinating and extremely versatile. Until now, projections in the automotive sector have been limited to the use of static, hardware-bound motifs. Thanks to digitalization, it is now possible to display not only moving images but also on-demand video content. For OEMs this opens up a completely new content management market for innovative experiences.”

Dr. Michael Rosenauer, Head of R&D Projection and Advanced Development at ams OSRAM AMLS

“Digital projections enable a welcome scenario that accompanies the driver all the way into the vehicle's interior - into her or his 'living room on wheels', so to speak. Impressive DMD projections, whether on the dashboard or the headliner, provide a real wow effect.”

Dr. Christoph Gärditz, Head of R&D Interior Lighting at ams OSRAM AMLS

Press Information


Below you can download the press release on ams OSRAM AMLS digital projection systems as well as the images shown above. Please make sure to credit the "Source: ams OSRAM Automotive Lighting Systems" when using the images.

ams OSRAM AMLS Digital Projections Systems: Press Information (pdf)

ams OSRAM AMLS Digital Projection Systems: Images (zip)



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