Static Projection Solutions

Our Projection Systems – the key to customer experience

Entertainment, safety, functionality – intelligent technology for a new experience.

Projection systems from ams OSRAM Automotive Lighting Systems expand the possibilities of classic headlamp technology. The use of light projections transforms the vehicle and its surroundings into a canvas for OEMs and mobility providers. Not only does light have the ability to increase safety and functionality, but it also affords our customers the opportunity to differentiate their vehicles with lighting design and create customizable driving experiences that can evoke a sense of well-being for the driver.

With the development towards autonomous driving, light will not only be needed for better visibility, but will also play a pivotal role for the communication of a vehicle to its environment (car2x), thereby contributing to the acceptance of autonomous vehicles.

The advantages of light projections to create an emotional impact are already used widely in everyday life, for example to illuminate building facades for events. It is not only because of these emotional aspects that light projections are increasingly finding their way into the automotive sector.

Fields of application and our competencies


Small and powerful projectors in the interior can create ambient scenarios that evoke a feeling of luxury and a sense of coming home.

Compactly designed symbol projectors can be easily installed for welcome scenarios.


Exterior projection systems extend already existing lighting functions in relevant situations – for example clearer visibility of indicator or brake lights.

Displays of relevant driving information on the road increase their visibility and provide additional safety.


In the future, projections will support autonomous vehicles in their direct communication and interaction with all road users.

Individual welcome scenarios of autonomous vehicles will give the driver a good feeling even before the engine is running.

Important factors for projection

Application and environmental parameters affect the performance and visibility of projected graphics on certain surfaces. By carefully identifying and considering all factors when developing our solutions, we ensure the best possible performance and visibility.





    Installation space within a vehicle

    In order to meet all requirements, our projectors can be installed around the vehicle – very short projection distances and very small installation spaces are also possible, e.g. in door sills or vehicle doors. Typical installation points are:


    Our System & Technology range

    Our technologies cover a broad set of specifications enabling your projection applications: From forward to surround projection, black and white to color, low to high power, narrow to broad angle, short to mid-range distance, standardized to customer-specific solutions. Follow the solutions below and explore your possibilities:

    Static Projection Solutions

    ams OSRAM AMLS' solutions for static projections are based on optoelectrical platforms that allow a multitude of different application scenarios.

    With our static logo projector, we meet the requirements of mass production for branding, individualization and security purposes, whose key factors are effectiveness and cost.

    Semi-dynamic Projection Solutions

    Design, customization and personalization possibilities reach new levels through our semi-dynamic projection solutions. These include, for example, the dynamic display of a turn indicator and similar signals that attract additional attention from road users with the help of animated projection. In terms of their functions, our semi-dynamic projectors combine a set of previously defined symbols and graphics with animation. The modules are controlled separately from the functional lighting, thus creating attractive application options at any trim level.

    Dynamic Projection Solutions

    Dynamic projections can adjust the displayed content in real time, making them ideal for mixed traffic scenarios where autonomous vehicles share the traffic with pedestrians, cyclists and manually driven vehicles.

    To make complex dynamic projection solutions as adaptable to the demands of the market and customers as possible, our solutions rely on a flexible modular platform consisting of different lighting units, modulation elements, projection units and the control electronics.

    Outlook – The next stage

    Our vision is a seamless light orchestration covering both the vehicle’s exterior and interior, not only enabling automated vehicles to communicate with their environment and thus increasing safety, but also offering options for maximum personalization and well-being. New ambient lighting solutions will enable vehicles to interact with their external environment and create a unique interior experience that fully adapts to the needs of the passengers.

    Our systems for near-field projection have the potential to be developed into such an ambient projection system.

    By merging electronics and software with modern lighting technologies we will offer solutions to the challenges of mixed traffic in the coming decades.

    We look forward to telling you more. Feel free to contact us.